Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Tide Controversy

Is Tide recommended by cloth diaper manufacturers? No. Why not? Because it can break down the PUL in pockets and AIOs, and the elastic in covers, AIOs and pockets. The reason it is "harsh" on diapers is because it contains additives.

I've been reading a lot lately about how peoples' diapers were giving out after a year- and many people asking about replacing ruined elastic and parts of their diapers. Cloth diapers don't last forever... There's not much that does.

Now my thinking is this: You can use Tide, and get your diapers clean and stain-free. It seems to eliminate the need for "stripping" in most cases- that means no bleach, vinegar, baking soda, etc. No need for tons of hot washes and rinses to get rid of build-up. No worrying about how to strip diapers that have stains or stinkies. To me, the regular stripping has to be harder on the diapers than the detergent is.

So when I was deciding if I'd take the leap to Tide instead of sticking with my other more "diaper safe" detergents, I asked myself this question: Would I rather have a simple wash routine where I use one detergent and it gets my diapers CLEAN, stain- and-stink-free, or would I rather use something milder so I can possibly extend the life of my diapers a little bit?

I chose Tide. And don't my diapers look fresh! :)


  1. I went through that too and now my diapers are fresh and clean with Tide HE:) I am a little nervous but my wash routine is WAY more simple than it was with Soap Nuts or Allens.

  2. I love my Tide:) It keeps life simple and clean!!! YeeHaw

  3. I had so many issues with my detergent build up... With my first son, I used at least five different detergents. Now, I'm CDing my second son. So far, I've done all the washes in Allen's Naturally and haven't had too much of a problem. I am surprised that BF poo is staining them a bit, though.
    Nervous about switching back to Tide for the reasons you stated. All my diapers lasted about a year, and then the elastic was shot.
    But, I agree, they are not constructed to last forever.
    I've also found that the powder works better than the liquid for me.
    Saw your link on a DS post. Nice blog!