Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fluffy Mail!!!

I can't tell you how exciting it is to open your mailbox and find it STUFFED with packages- and you know they're diapers. I found that yesterday!

My two new Holden's Landing Bedbugs came. I *LOVE* them!!! My 3 custom Wiggle Worm Bottoms covers came. Four of my new wool covers came, 2 Mother-Ease Sandy's, and my Sustainablebabyish Magic Diaper! Along with some pins for my Bagshot Row Bamboo diapers (if I get gutsy enough to try them... I'm already having nightmares about poking a little belly).

Fluffy Mail days are always good days!!! :D


  1. I just saw you had a SSB Magic is it? I am not into fitteds, but am so curious about the diaper that makes babies sleep better!!

  2. I'll let you know when I attempt to use it overnight! Right now I'm seeing how it works during the daytime. ;)