Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bagshot Row Bamboo

An Ode to Bagshot Row Bamboo

Oh squishy softness!
Your cute prints, how I love thee!
Your leg holes are so gentle,
I have planets, I have bees!
I love the way you Snappi
I love your material within!
Now, if only I could be brave enough
To use you with a pin!!!


  1. OMG - you are so funny!!! I still have to try a bsrb. Here is my list of fitteds tried so far
    Peewells (by far my fav!)
    Butterfly Babies OS (Like these a lot)
    Muttaquin SS/FS (OK but not as absorbent as some)
    Muttaquin OS (Hated this - couldnt figure out how to work it)
    Lucys Hope Chest (Dont like much)

    And I have these coming...
    Piddle Poddle

  2. Thanks to you, I now have two Peewells coming! You enabler, you!!! ;D