Monday, February 9, 2009

Sun-Sational Stain Removal!

I really should have taken before and after pictures of my diapers. The bamboo seems to stain like crazy, and my washing wasn't getting the stains out. So I bought this wooden rack and some clips, and set it up.

Being in Washington State, we have 40-degree weather this time of year, and not a lot of sun. I placed this in front of my window a couple days ago, and it has take the stains out of all my diapers! I'm truly amazed. I knew people used the sun, but I had no idea it would work so well!

My previously stained diapers now look like new again! :D And it's also a great way to air-dry the diapers. I just fluff them up in the dryer afterward to get them soft.

So just because you live somewhere that has cold or cloudy weather, it doesn't mean you can't use the sun to get the stains out of your diapers! :)

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