Thursday, February 26, 2009

All-in-Ones, AKA AIOs- a Review for the Masses ;)

I've already written reviews for 2 AIOs, but they were just two of the MANY I tried in my search for the perfect AIO!

Bum-Ware Extreme (BWX)~ My hands-down favorite of the ones I tried. Trimmer than any diapers I've tried, very durable, and absorbent for something so thin! The hook and loop on these was strong and wouldn't curl or fuzz or any of the other annoying things h&l tends to do. These diapers are awesome! They're the only AIOs I kept when I sold all my AIOs and pockets. I'm not a big fan of suedecloth, but these made it worth it to sacrifice natual fabrics for the trim fit and it NEVER got stains! I especially love the brown suedecloth.

Monkey Doodlez MICRO~ A very close second in my favorite AIOs! These aren't as trim as the BWX, but they hold a TON. I could easily trust these for naptime with my flood-boy. Microfleece inner, which again, is not my first choice. But they had a nice stay-dry effect, so I was willing to put up with it. ;) I like the velcro on these, too.

SposoEasy~ The first time I used my Sposo, it leaked like crazy. After prepping it, it worked well and I ordered more. In the meantime, my little guy started rolling, and the Sposo velcro would roll down and inward, and scratch his belly- every time he wore them! Not only that, but they weren't absorbent enough for him, and a doubler would cause the legs to gap, causing leaks. The snap version was HUGE in the waist, so medium snaps and velcro do not fit the same! I ended up selling all my Sposos because of the poor fit on my little guy.

DryBees Hybrid~ What I like most about these is the prints- really cute! But I don't care for microfiber inside diapers, and I had to stuff these diapers in order to make them absorbent, so I don't consider them a true AIO anyway!

Green Acre Designs (GAD)~ As with the pockets, these are cool but we can't do side snaps. If you LIKE microfiber, these are good. The design with the microfiber sewn on each end, but loose in the middle makes for quick drying when turned inside-out. But I did have to add extra absorbency to these to make them work, so again, not a true AIO.

Thirsties AIO~ It didn't take long for me to realize these things didn't hold a lot of pee. As with the GAD and DryBees, I had to add extra doublers/soakers to make them hold for more than one pee. So the one I had was sold quickly.

Mums Bums~ A surprisingly cool AIO. These are spendy, but they work really well. The soaker design is really cool- a big soaker on top, sewn at one end for quick drying. Under that is a hemp strip doubler sewn at the other end, which lays in the wet zone. I could use these for naps without a doubler, and I really liked the function of them! If they were cheaper, they would be one of my favorites.

Dream-Eze (old version)~ I didn't try the new version, but the old one was like floss on my little guy's bum. It was so trim in the crotch that it just created a horrible fit on my his chunky backside. I don't know how they fit on taller/thinner babies, but whew, I didn't use these long!

Bottombumpers~ Narrow crotch and side snaps... If you've been reading this far, you'll know that these were destined to fail for my "pee out the side" chunkster. Cool design, but I didn't like how the doublers didn't seem to fit into the diaper- they had to be tucked inside when putting on, and didn't instill confidence in mama. ;)

Mommy's Touch~ I used these almost exclusively when I first found AIOs. I like the way the doubler snaps in the front, and the design is good. I never did figure out the snapping down to size this one-size diaper... haha. Topped with microfleece, and the soakers are microfiber (two things I'm no longer a fan of), but pretty absorbent and leak-free for what they're made of!

What I never tried, but still feel tempted to try, is BumGenius organic AIOs. I rarely use AIOs anymore- really only for going out when I need a trim fit, but I feel like I haven't run the gambit until I've tried these. ;)

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