Saturday, February 14, 2009

All-in-Ones That Aren't...

Something has been bugging me. My little guy is a big super-soaker. He can soak through a microfiber insert in one pee. So when an all-in-one diaper has a thin microfiber insert in it as it's soaker, that is not an AIO to me. If I have to stuff it with something else, then I may as well buy a pocket diaper- which are usually cheaper.

Two big culprits that I tried: Green Acre Designs (GAD) and Thirsties AIOs. Both of these have a little microfiber insert, with the option of stuffing with additional inserts. But my guy couldn't wear these for more than 30 minutes without hemp stuffed in with them! Totally defeats the purpose of an all-in-one diaper if it can't be used alone.

If you have a "tinkle" baby, then they could work for you. But if you have a "tell Noah to start his ark, the flood is coming!" baby, then don't expect these to be AIOs for you. ;)

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