Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pocket Reviews

I no longer use pockets... But I used them exclusively for a while, so I thought I'd share my experiences with the brands I tried.

BumGenius 3.0~ The ever-popular mainstream diaper. These worked well, they almost never leaked, and were easy to stuff. I wasn't a fan of the suedecloth lining- it definitely held stains! And the microfiber that came with it, well, they just didn't hold enough. BUT, with the Cottonbabies microfiber insert AND a hemp insert, these were a good nighttime diaper for my little guy. Of course, he could wear the diaper in the third setting (no snapping) when he was 3 months old! I knew they wouldn't last him past a year, given how big my kids get. And the aplix on these was just awful- wore out really quickly. A good diaper... just not good for longevity.

Fuzzi Bunz~ For some reason I couldn't stand these diapers. It was something about the way the fleece lining had to be tucked in at the back, and it was just annoying to me. Some people like them, I did not.

Green Acre Designs (GAD)~ I would have absolutely LOVED these pockets if it hadn't been for my son peeing RIGHT out the snaps! We quickly learned that he can't wear side-snapping diapers. But these were well-made, and I loved the way they fit!

Wahmies~ I had the s-hook diapers, and I loved them. I thought they were great pockets! Other people hated the s-hook because they said they took too long to hook, but I didn't mind the extra 2 seconds. Of course, I took my son for his doctors appointment, and the doctor insisted on taking off/putting on the diaper himself, which made me giggle- it took him about 2 minutes! LOL Overall, a good pocket, and with a hemp insert, I found them the same as BumGenius- but with a better chance of lasting through potty-learning.

Happy Heiny~ Ugh. I was not a fan. The aplix was thick and awkward, and made the waist just look huge. I also had lots of leaks with these.

Blueberry Deluxe~ This diaper wasn't bad, but it wasn't my favorite. It worked well, and I would compare it to BumGenius, but at a higher price, so not really worth the extra money.

Snap-Ez Econappi~ Surprisingly, my favorite diaper. Absolutely no frills, just a plain, straight-forward pocket. But had a great fit on my little guy. I did find that they ran small, so he wore a large at 4 months old (but he's a huge baby anyway). I could use these at night with a microfiber and hemp insert, and they never leaked. Great pockets!

Swaddlebees Organic Velour~ I really liked this diaper- I only had one of them. They worked well and had a great fit. But also a high price tag. Still, I would say this was my second favorite pocket. I would give it higher points because of the organic velour, which I like- but it stained like crazy.


  1. Interesting... Are you going to review AIOs next?

  2. You want to see AIOs, too? Amazing that you're still reading this! LOL!