Monday, February 2, 2009

Out and About Bumbles with Wool

I was feeling daring, so I tried a fitted diaper with a wool cover over it, and then a pair of microfleece pants to finish it off. I was nervous about it, but thought the combo of wool and fleece would at least keep the pee in while we were out this evening.

No such luck.

Both my husband and I ended up with wet spots on our sides from where we had him sitting on our hips. :P

Fitteds and covers work well for at home during the day, but my little water fountain can't get by with them for longer than an hour!

I'll stick with my Bum-Ware Extremes for when we leave the house- pee-soaked shirts are not becoming! ;)


  1. How-a-bout a PUL cover over the fitteds? I have a few proraps that I use over fitteds when we go out and the only word to describe them is BULLETPROOF!

  2. I LOVE my BWX's :) I also really like the BG Organic OS. Have you tried those yet?