Thursday, December 3, 2009

Rockin' Green Detergent

Well, far be it for me not to try the newest cloth diaper-safe, environmentally happy detergent! So I got a couple sample bags (okay, I have 19 of them...) to try. They smell GREAT. It's like air freshener for my stinky laundry room, just having the packages in there! And the make-up of the stuff is pretty cool- it's little flakes, almost, rather than granules.

How does it work? Well... the jury is still out. I thought it cleaned okay... better than my other "planet-safe" detergents. But after a week of using it, I noticed nighttime diaper stink... ammonia smell wafting out of the diapers, and little bums starting to break out. But then I realized both babies are teething, so the rashes could be a coincidence.

I went back to Tide (good ol' Tide) for a couple weeks so I could start over again, and I'm trying Rockin' Green again now. So far so good... the diapers appear clean, and smell clean out of the washer. The nighttime test begins!!!


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  2. Hey Mama!! How is the Rockin Green working? I have been thinking about trying it (the Tide is no longer smelling good to me after months of using it and is really built up on my diapers). I have had to stop cd'ing Jakey at night so my hope is it might be ok for daytime diapers?

  3. I haven't been impressed with it... every time I use it, we get rashes- maybe from the scents, maybe from the amonia crystals that are obviously still there after washing... I don't recommend it for water like mine and a washer like mine- but other people seem to have good results with it! Just not me. ;)

  4. Thanks :) Thats what I needed to know :) We are taking a brief break right now since J is SOAKING through everything but I hope to get back soon and will just continue with Tide :)