Thursday, December 17, 2009

Trying to stop... but failing! ;)

I keep telling myself to stop buying more diapers- I have MORE than enough diapers for 5 babies, and I only have 2 babies! ;) But it's an addiction... the searching for, buying, and receiving diapers and diapering things keeps me going sometimes. It's my crack!!! I don't drink coffee, I don't drink alcohol... I buy diapers!

And yes, even I realize how pitiful that is. And what a waste of money. And I know I should just stop and be happy with what I have... But what fun would that be? :D

Hi... my name is Bum Bumbler. I'm a cloth-diapering addict, and I've been clean for 1-1/2 hours. ;)


  1. LOL :) I have found the only way to resist is to stay of DS. Otherwise...

  2. Stay off DS, Spots, and any other place that sells diapering things. LOL!