Saturday, November 28, 2009

Some Real "Bum"mers... Plus a Winner

The Flip wasn't a good match for us... I just can't stand the snaps on the BumGenius diapers- they lay wonky if they aren't opened all the way, so I didn't keep The Flip long. But as far as absorbency goes, those organic inserts were UNBEATABLE!!!

I also got some custom fitted diapers... I had them made with a shorter rise for my tiny little girl, so I wouldn't have to fold down the rise. Well, they came... and I still have to fold down the rise- kind of defeated the purpose of getting more custom diapers! ;)

Now, the Fishnoodles Solo Flyers- those are pretty cool AI2 diapers! I have had some leaks from wicking at the legs of mine, but it's because I ordered larges and my little guy really only needs mediums now. But what a cool, side-snapping diaper! I wasn't expecting to be surprised, but I was!

You win some and you lose some with diapers... the fun is in the trying. ;)

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