Sunday, December 27, 2009

LOVING Wool...

I'm still loving my fitted diapers, after almost a solid year of using primarily fitted diapers. And now they're made even better- with WOOL!!!

My babies are wearing wool skirts (on the girl, obviously), wool shorts, wool pants, wool soakers... They have interlock wool, knit wool, and recycled wool (pants/soakers made out of old sweaters and re-purposed into new clothes!) I pick out a cute fitted, pick out a cute wool piece to put over it, and they're good-to-go! I'm absolutely in LOVE with this combo. It's working so well for both babies, that neither of them wears "normal" clothing anymore!

Now they look like a couple of proper hippy babies. ;)


  1. hi! i just started following your blog, and i love it! i have been cloth diapering, mainly with pocket diapers, for about 4 months. we are now having a problem with all our pockets not holding up for more than a couple of hours, if that. as im reading you're giving me more interest in the fitted dipes. i really love the easiness of AIO. any advice??

  2. Would love for you to visit my blog, I am having an event that is called "Cloth Diapers Exposed" and you might be interested!

  3. Hey Dawn! I started out with pockets, too. They're great in their personalization of absorbency needs, but not so good when they're not holding up. What are you using as inserts?

    My new favorite combo of fitteds/wool pants makes sense to me, because it has the same simplicity. With an AIO, you use the diaper plus a pair of pants over it. With a fitted, you use the diaper plus a pair of pants- just a different type of pants! ;)

    I love my fitteds... But there's a place in the world for pockets, too! It's when they're not working that it's time to look for another option. :D