Thursday, November 5, 2009

That.... was.... a..... MESS!!!!

First wearing of The Flip. I put it on my little guy, and I was impressed by the fit and the function. It's gimmicky, but I like it. The insert is thicker, and therefore more absorbent than the BG Organics. And I also like how it comes out so you can dry it easier- like a prefold. Of course, I hate the snap positions, the same as I did with the BG Organics... I can't get them to lay flat, and I that drives me NUTS! Still, I went in with high hopes...

But alas! This is *MY* baby testing the diaper. Fifteen minutes after I put it on him, I heard the grunting. Distracted, I didn't get to him right away. Then I look over, and he has pulled the snaps off on one side, and the diaper is half hanging there! I grabbed him up, go lay him down... the poop has smeared all over his thigh, belly, and bum. In taking the diaper off (poop now also on the cover, so it can't be re-used as it's designed for), I get poop on MY hands. Then my little guy actually GRABS a Tootsie Roll and almost sticks it in his mouth- and I'm not talking candy here. I ended up grabbing him by the ankles and hands and throwing him in the bathtub *gag*.

Is it The Flips fault? Of course not... But this is the FIRST snapping diaper he has unhooked on his own! And it wasn't cool that I couldn't re-use the shell. But on the other hand, it was easy to spray off, and the insert also sprayed off easily.

But now I have to work up the courage to try, try again. 'Cause I sure didn't succeed the first time!!! ;)

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  1. Sounds like a rough start, but I am anxious to hear what happens in the future. I can't bring myself to buy one yet, but everyone is raving about them. Keep up posted!