Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pocket Pick-Me-Ups!

Seriously... these things just make me happy. I love the prints and they are just so cute!!!

Rainshine Designs made these for me... Never thought I'd love pocket diapers again, but I do! So great for customizing absorbency! Stuff them with prefolds, hemp, bamboo... I just love them....

I had mine made with athletic wicking material inside- it means no wetness against the baby's skin! Way cool... They make me happy. :)


  1. Gorgeous pocket stash mama!
    Do you still need a cover with those print outer?
    I have one OBB pocket that has the same wicking material I think and I LOVE it, but it'll be even better with the cute prints :)

  2. I was buying the OBB pockets, because I loved them, but they are so expensive! These pockets are almost identical, but cheaper. VERY well-made, and she makes and ships them QUICK! They don't need a cover- it's printed PUL. They most likely won't last as long as solid PUL does, but they're so very cute! So far they're working GREAT- same fit and function as the OBBs. :)

  3. yay! thanks for introducing Rainshine Designs, I would not have found them otherwise.
    I know what you mean about the cost of OBB, that's why I only have 1 :)