Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Stinkiest House on the Block

That's what you have when you cloth-diaper 2 babies and............. your washer poops out on you! My 3.5-year-old front load washer won't spin the water out of the clothes/diapers, so we've been dealing with having to go days without washing... And yes, my house is starting to smell like I have cows sleeping in my laundry room...

Okay, no, it's not that bad... I haven't had U-Hauls showing up at the neighbors' houses so they can move away from me. Haven't had any air freshener cans thrown at my house... I was able to trick my machine into spinning the water out, but the diapers didn't get CLEAN, and it's really gag-o-riffic in my laundry room at the moment.

So yeah- learning a valuable lesson right now: When you cloth diaper, you must, MUST, *MUST* have a workable, reliable washer!!!

I know, who woulda thunk it? ;)


  1. Oh No!!!! This may sound silly, but trying putting a bowl with some white vinegar in the room. My MIL swears this cures the stink of anything

  2. Yikes! We had the same thing happen with our top loader just 10 days before moving across the country. I could not go that long without the washer so we waited it out a few days and got a front loader...with the extended warranty! First load: diapers!

  3. I've been washing at my mom's house- every 3 days. In her top-loader! It's really weird to use THAT MUCH WATER after getting used to my FL'er. I have a new washer/dryer set on order, but by the time it comes, I will have been without a washer for almost a month!!! That is NOT good for a family of 6, with 2 in diapers! ;)