Thursday, September 24, 2009

Embarking on.... WOOL!

I guess it's just part of the whole cloth-diapering obsession. If you post on the diapering boards, you are exposed to pictures of babies wearing wool, people talking about wool, and links to all the gorgeous wool. I'm talking about knitted wool- from beautiful, hand-dyed yarn.

I tried to avoid it for a long time, because it's an expensive addiction- even more than diapers. But I guess you can only be a martyr for so long... ;)

So instead of buying the $40-60 yarn and paying someone $60-80 to knit a pair of pants, I bought undyed yarn and am dying it myself. And I bought some needles and am teaching myself to knit.

So far, I have discovered that I am inept at working the needles, and that painting wool is not as easy as painting on paper. But hey! I may have the ugliest woolies on the block, but at least they'll be homemade and the babies wearing them will be too young to be embarrassed about wearing them! ;)

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