Monday, August 10, 2009

Microfiber Still Stinks

I used BumGenius 3.0 diapers at the beginning.... But we would literally be gagging every time my baby boy peed in them- the ammonia smell was awful. I switched to hemp after that, and it worked better with less stink.

Recently I bought some more AIO diapers- Swaddlebees all-in-ones. They're really great diapers, the fit is awesome and they work great! But the absorbent part is microfiber... and I am starting to get whiffs of STINK.

The way to fix microfiber stink in inserts is to bleach them. But with an AIO, you shouldn't bleach them because the bleach breaks down elastic. So yeah... with this second round, I'm finally learning my lesson- MICROFIBER STINKS!!!

Just thought I'd pass on these words of whiz-dom... ;)


  1. Sposo Easy AIO - it's the best diaper ever, in my opinion! All cotton and so easy to clean - no stink ever. Also, Charlie's Soap - the best laundry detergent in the world!

  2. I did a review on Sposo Easy diapers back in January! :) I really liked them, until the aplix started eating my son's belly up because it rolled in funny. :( I stopped using it then. Charlie's Soap is one I haven't tried- I got too nervous about the scary reviews with babies bums getting burned! It's always nice to see a good review for it, thanks! :D

  3. I just sold off all my microfiber for this exact reason (and J had a rash everytime he wore them). Now I have a major diaper shortage because selling my microfiber depleted my stash and didn't give me enough funds to replenish enough. Oh well...atleast no more stinkies :)

  4. Babies bums getting burned by Charlie's Soap - yikes!!! I hadn't heard that, but have used it exclusively for all laundry including diapers for about 8 months. Connor has never had any kind of diaper rash at all...and we've exclusively used Sposo Easy and Charlie's.

  5. Yeah, I've heard some good things about Charlie's! I would totally try it, but our new baby has very sensitive skin. I saw pictures of babies whose bums got horrible chemical burns from the Charlie's, and I'm a wuss! But since it has worked for you this long, you should stick to it! If there's ONE thing I've learned with washing diapers, it's that if it ain't broke, stop looking for something better! ;)