Saturday, August 1, 2009

Excess of Storage... Excess of Diapers!

I started with 3 little plastic bins on a little bookshelf. It held all my diapers, and the bins weren't even full. Well, that was over a year ago!!!

I've added storage as I've added diapers, and this is the result... A gigantic eyesore in my family room!!! But surprisingly, it's not even big enough to hold all the diapers when they're all clean!

I'm left wondering what comes next... I'm not ready to simplify my stash, I'm actually doing the opposite- making it more diverse. And I like to see all my diapers at a glance! So I guess the conclusion could only be this: Stay tuned for the thread called "The Wall of Diapers". ;)


  1. Holy Diapers Batman!!!!! I am so jealous. I have one container of diapers.

    You'd be so proud--I had Jake in a prefold the other day! And I've ordered some fitteds for night!

  2. Woo-hoooo!!!! Fitteds are awesome!!! I never did prefolds... but more power to you if you get the hang of it!!! :D

  3. wow...I'm a little envious! I have one little drawer, with some prefolds and bummis covers, 3 bamboo drybees, 3 BG 3.0, 5 BG organic AIO, and I just got 6 beautiful Rainshine Designs pockets and AI2 yesterday...your stash puts mine to shame!