Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sticky Peas, How I Love Thee!

These are my Sticky Peas... One of the TWO brands of diapers I still own after reaching Stash Nirvana!

Sticky Peas are a highly sought-after diaper at the moment... They're one people have to "score". Literally, they go up for sale at 2 o'clock, and they are sold out by 2:01. People sit and refresh, refresh, refresh right before they go on sale, and they hope to get one. There might be 10 diapers stocked, and 150 people going for them. They are TOUGH to get!

Why are they so sought-after? They're AWESOME!!!! They come in adorable prints, they are well-made, and they are so very absorbent! Inside is a soaker, and an included doubler that is wool-backed. They come in sized fitteds- with snaps, or in a one-size diaper that can be pinned or Snappied.

I was lucky enough to get to "know" Claudia- the workhorse behind Sticky Peas. And I was SOOO very spoiled by her- all but 2 of the diapers shown were custom-made for me. Claudia is a very sweet Superwoman!!!

The newest diapers she is making are newborn-sized.... So obviously I had to try those out on my teeny, tiny new girl! And they don't disappoint- they're WONDERFUL! The stack on the left is newborn diapers.

So here it is.... a big chunk of what got me to Stash Nirvana! :)


  1. I don't usually comment here (just a lurker), but I have to say... drool... :)
    I'm new to cloth diapering so I've been reading various blogs/sites on it. I'm not sure yet how I would feel about a diaper that has to be pinned/snappied instead of of just snap or velcro, so I'm sticking to AIO/AI2 for now. If you ever need to get rid of some of your pinned/snappied fitteds, let me know! :)

  2. I know... I only used velcro and snaps before, too. But then I switched to diapers without either, and I LOVE pinning! So I guess it's one of those "don't knock it 'til you try it" things! ;)