Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bum-Ware Extreme Goes ORGANIC!!!

Some of my first reviews were of BWX diapers- Bum-Ware Extreme. I loved them for their trimness and absorbency, and for their very durable aplix. But then I started using natural fibers in my diapers- sticking with cotton and bamboo, and I stopped using my BWX.

But today, I stumbled on the news that they will be coming out with organic bamboo in June!!! This has me very excited... I've been using strictly fitteds for quite some time, but I will definitely be trying these new diapers! The regular BWX were AWESOME for under pants and for other times when trimness was a necessity- I'd love that again, but in natural fibers!

And hey, now I have two bums to cloth! One jumbo and one teeny weeny! Maybe I'll give these a test run on both!!! :)


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