Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What works for one baby, doesn't always work for another!

Well, after finding the fitted love for my little guy, I assumed fitteds were for everybody. They're not. Fitteds don't work on my new little girl! I had the most AWESOME girly fitted newborn stash for her, too! I just couldn't get them to work. The fitteds were great... it was covering them that I had trouble with. I tried wool, but she peed right out of the diapers and wool. And then I tried PUL but it ate at her tiny legs. I was getting so frustrated that I gave up and bought some AIOs (the Bum-Ware Organics, by the way) and it was just.....

AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! A huge sigh of relief. My fitteds for her were GORGEOUS! 6 Sticky Peas NRSS, 6 Scuttlebutts, 5 other various newborn fitteds... but I was miserable.

So my lesson? Just because I love one type of diaper on one baby, doesn't mean I'll love it on the other. :)


  1. :) J couldn't do the fitteds either. He wet through everything and always smelled like urine! Don't feel bad. I love my AIOs. I have almost an entire stash of BG Organics. How are the new Bum-ware's? Have you tried them on N? I loved my BWX's but the suede-cloth rubbed on his thighs and gave him a terrible rash :(

  2. The BWOs are great! I really love the soft insides of them- very nice! I definitely prefer them to the BWX. So far they're working well on both babies! I use them on N for going out of the house- awesome under pants. For the new baby, they're nice and trim on her tiny frame, so she doesn't have a huge bubble butt. :)

  3. I had just the opposite - well, sortof :-) My dd leaked through EVERYTHING - pockets - several styles, AIO, AI2's...and on and on. I had never wanted to try fitteds because I thought they were too much more work than the pockets, etc. But, I finally gave in when nothing else seemed to work and WOW what a difference. She's not gotten through them yet and let me tell you...the girl can peeeeee!!! But, I completely agree that every baby is different and just because someone on a post says 'this and that' are 'bullet proof' does not mean you'll have the same experience. :-) Just wanted to throw in my 2 cents! ha ha